About Me

I have been an avid record collector for 50 years. I can no long collect due to lack of storage area.

I have 4,000 plus records of all kinds. 10″ 78-rpms, 12″ 78-rpms (many complete albums, which I hope to get on this site), 45-rpms, 10″-LP (Long Playing), and 12″-LP albums.

My collection spans many genre of music.

I decided that I have all these “Past Recordings,” why not share them with others that may be interested in sounds of the past.

This site is completely at my expense, so there is no charge for the entertainment.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am sorry that I’ve just discovered this website, just when you’ve decided to shut it down. I, too, collect vinyl records, and have some from 1908 (but mostly 1925-45). The ones on your website are stupendous, and the quality that comes through on my mid-priced computer speakers is quite good. Congratulations on hosting this website, it’s a pity you have to go.


    1. Thank You for your kind words about my web site and the recording quality! I’ve loved pulling the various records from my collection. Many of the recordings I posted I had never heard before or it has been many years since I last heard them. When I was growing up, all we had were 78 rpm records. So recording and editing these records was quite a treat. Now I just may listen to them one time or put them on Compact Discs. Thanks again.


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